LED Retrofitting Services

If you are looking to upgrade the lighting of your condo, house, or business, then you would benfit from our LED Retrofitting Services. LED retrofitting is the process of of replacing older lighting fixtures with newer, energy efficient lighting solutions. By retrofitting your lighting system you can substantially reduce the amount of electrcity used in your building, and by extension reduce the your electricity bills.

Not only does LED retrofitting reduce the amount of electricity used by your lighting system, but it also provides a cleaner form of electricity which power companies charge less for.

LED Lighting Options

Our LED Retrofitting options provide more than just functional benefits for your home or business. LED lights also provide increased lighting quality and aesthetic appeal to any room. LEDs are great for providing stylish lighting for condos, basements, and home renovations. MP Electric can help no matter what type of room or building you need serviced.

There are many aspects to consider when starting an LED retrofitting project including photometric analysis, energy auditing, and rebate research. Contact MP Electric for a full service LED retrofitting solution.

At MP Electric we offer a full selection of LEDs, including many types of LED potlights. LED potlights are a fashionable lighting option suitable for many home and office spaces.

Have a question or inquiry regarding our LED retrofitting options? Give our team today and talk to a professional! We are always happy to help.


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